Loans for Self-Build | A simple summary

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Financing your self-build If you’re thinking of starting a self-build project, aside from the dreams of your ideal home, one of your first (practical) thoughts will likely be ‘how much will it cost?’ and ‘how can I find the money?’ There is a huge amount of very detailed information out there regarding loans for self-build, and getting an understanding of… Read more »

Prefabricated Self-Build Ideas from DfM

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Prefabricated self-builds, also known as ‘modular’ or ‘kit’ homes, have been around the UK since the 1920’s, but have only recently surged in popularity among home builders. So why the big fuss all of a sudden? Essentially, the shell, or exterior of these modular homes are constructed in a factory and then dropped onsite for… Read more »

Eco-design principles for your self-build

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Title image from Edward, architect from Tooting Bec, London. See his full profile and shortlist him for your project here.   Why Sustainable Design? Planning your dream eco-home? We’ve put together a brief summary of the main eco-design principles to follow when designing your new home. Most of us would agree that it is important… Read more »

Bathroom design ideas by DfM designers

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Need bathroom design ideas? Here is some bathroom inspiration brought to you by‘s designers! Whether you have a small space for an en-suite bathroom with walk-in shower or a larger room able to host a freestanding bath, our designers have the solution! Take a look!   Showers            Walk in Shower by… Read more »

How much do Interior Designers charge?

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How much do Interior Designers charge? If you’ve already researched interior designer’s fees online, you may have discovered how difficult it is to find industry standards or rules of thumb; a good general estimate is difficult to find… The cost of your interior designer will depend on several things, such as their experience and expertise, but also the… Read more »

Kitchen Design Ideas by DfM

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Get some kitchen inspiration from our designers… Planning a new kitchen? You could just get a few supplier brochures and say “I want that one!”. Fine, if you want un-inspiring, run-of-the mill jobbie. But, like most things worthwhile, planning your perfect kitchen takes time, consideration and a little bit of inspiration (which is where we can help!) Function… Read more »