Compared with spacious homes, fashioning an aesthetic appeal in a small house can be challenging. Interior designers often make use of innovative, space-saving furniture, allowing for flexibility of use and creating a more spacious look. These smart design strategies help people enjoy a minimalist feel even in small spaces.  

Aside from furniture, wall decor can have a huge impact on the overall aesthetic and is therefore a primary focus for interior design professionals. 

We’re going to look into the different options and ideas for wall decor in a small home.

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Canvas prints

Instead of framed photographs, canvas prints can provide more contemporary aesthetic. Canvas prints provide the opportunity for vibrant colours and an affordable alternative to an original work of art. 

There is huge degree of flexibility in terms of size, subject and format, allowing you to create a canvas print to suit the space. For some rooms, a single big canvas is enough to add a contemporary feel. Other rooms better suit multiple canvas prints of small sizes. 

Here is how you could consider using canvas prints in different rooms. 



Even if your bathroom walls are tiled, leaving them empty can be a missed opportunity. Like other rooms in your house, small bathrooms can benefit from a modern feel with canvas prints. Instead of using the walls to hang towels, bathrobes and shelves – utilise them for décor. 

You should choose the canvas prints that match your bathroom’s interior theme. Close-to-nature photos such as a waterfall image or a picture showing greenery are perfect for a serene, spa-like bathroom.



Decorative kitchen wall tiles have been going out of style for some time and most professional interior designers today choose a neutral background. This will help other elements take centre stage – such as beautiful worktops, furniture and artwork.

A large format canvas print on a prominent wall in your kitchen can look incredibly attractive but make sure to avoid the backsplash! Water splashes whilst dishwashing may make your prints look shabby. 


Living Room 

If you were wondering where to use a portrait canvas, the living room is a perfect option. You can display family photos or share memories with your loved ones through picture collages. 

Alternatively, you can hang small pictures, without frames, on a string. Use nails to fix both ends of the string, allowing the string to hang loose. Then, use wooden pegs to hang the pictures. You can also wrap around some fairy lights for a pretty, bohemian look.


Size and Style

The size and style of canvas prints can make a massive difference to your room’s appearance. Displaying multiple prints in different sizes may make small spaces like the bathroom and kitchen look cluttered. 

However, when it comes to the living room, some designers suggest creating a gallery wall with various sizes of canvas prints. On this wall, you can also opt to display canvas prints of different shapes. 

Placing a large canvas in a rectangle shape and surrounding it with various small square prints is also a fantastic idea. The living room is a place for casual relaxation  and the gallery wall idea is perfect for exhibiting and creating an informal mood. 


Use Mirrors Smartly 

A large mirror in a small room is a well known trick to visually expand the space. They are also ideal for reflecting light. 

Designers often recommend hanging a big mirror on your walkway after the main door. Big rectangular, square, and circular mirrors with beautiful carvings on their frames are popular. Placing a console table under a mirror can create a lovely design ‘moment’ as soon as you enter the house.

by Kelly Tarbuck  

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