Listed building consent

Listed building consent is a crucial aspect of owning and maintaining a listed property. The need for listed building consent can be triggered for minor or internal alterations—anything that involves the demolition, modification, or expansion of a listed building that could impact its unique architectural or historical significance. See our article here for house renovations you can do without permission on a listed building. Listed building consent ensures that any proposed changes are sympathetic to the building’s character and do not harm its historical value.

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Planning permission is not always required alongside listed building consent. Planning permission would typically be required in cases involving new construction, change of use, or alterations to the exterior appearance of a property. If the proposals are all internal, you would not usually require planning permission (unless the work constitutes a change of use). While listed building consent focuses on the conservation of the historic and architectural aspects of a building, planning permission addresses how your proposed changes fit into the local planning policies.

Although planning permission and listed building consent will be processed as separate cases by the local authority, you can submit a combined application and application form.


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Do you need both planning permission and listed building consent?

The need for both listed building consent and planning permission often depends on the nature and scope of your project.


Minimal impact on the exterior

If your project involves only minor interior alterations that don’t affect the building’s exterior, you may not require planning permission. In such cases, listed building consent alone may suffice.


Significant exterior alterations

If your project includes substantial changes to the building’s exterior, such as an extension or a change in roofing materials, you will likely need both listed building consent and planning permission.


Change of use

If your project involves changing the use of a listed building (e.g., from a residential property to a commercial space), planning permission will usually be necessary in addition to listed building consent.


Demolition and reconstruction

In cases where demolition is required, listed building consent is essential, and planning permission may be required, particularly in a conservation area.


Permitted development

Listed buildings do not benefit from all permitted development rights, so a planning application would be required in situations where it may not ordinarily.


Listed buildings do not benefit from all permitted development rights, so a planning application would be required in situations where it may not ordinarily.

The key takeaway is that if you are unsure about whether you need planning permission in addition to listed building consent, it is always best to consult with your local planning authority/conservation officer or a professional with expertise in historic properties.


The importance of professional advice

The above information is an introductory guide only. Please always consult your authority before starting work on your project. Your architect can do this on your behalf if you wish.

Conservation architects, historic building consultants, or planning experts can provide valuable guidance and help you navigate the application processes effectively. Choosing the right architect, with expertise in building conservation is a critical first step. We can help you find the right architect for your project for free.


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