A home renovation can improve the saleability of your property and boost its value, whether you’re upgrading your bathroom or modernising a drab garage. 

In a housing market that is competitive, having the edge with an inspiring home design and opting for high-quality workmanship are valuable positions to take. However, it’s important to choose the right renovation for your property (within the confines of your budget) and seek trusted and professional guidance at the planning, design and build stages. 

This article will help you choose which experts to call on so your project runs as smoothly as possible.


Save time and money with expert guidance

When undertaking complex home renovations, it’s wise to consult design and renovation professionals early on. Some home improvements can be more complex (and costly) than others. If, for instance, your project disturbs adjoining walls or structures that separate two or more properties, it’s sensible to ask a surveyor for advice on party walls, so you can proceed well informed.


Architects and interior designers similarly have the experience to foresee challenges, ensure feasibility and will provide great recommendations tailored to your home’s space/layout, as well as your lifestyle and budget. In addition, employing a project manager provides realistic cost estimates and timelines and manages projects, which can prove invaluable. With professional insights and management, your renovation is more likely to come together seamlessly, on-budget and on time.

Although their services come at a cost, they often pay for themselves in the value added throughout the project and the years you get to enjoy the finished space. Consulting professional guidance early on can actually save you time and worry further down the road while interior designers are amazing for developing a cohesive style scheme and avoiding design missteps.


Modernise a garage with a consistent look

Garages are highly desirable for UK home buyers, offering secure storage for high-value items like vehicles, electric bikes, and tools. Beyond storage, garages can also provide extra space for other household possessions. 

Your garage door is important for adding kerb appeal to tie in with the consistent design of your home. With this in mind, ensure you choose the right materials, colours, and electric doors for a contemporary design that complements your home. If you are going for a modern approach, consult an expert who specialises in the installation of automatic garage doors. It is important that your garage is safe and secure, plus any upgrades can improve the look of your home. Once you’ve upgraded your garage door so it is fault free and secure, look at ideas to marry the finish and colour so they are in sync with the whole property.


Convert areas to create extra living space

Converting a garage is a popular renovation because it provides a great space that can be redesigned to create an additional room. A converted garage can be configured into a number of different uses, such as an extra bedroom, a cool office, an entertainment zone or a fun living space. While you’ll add value and extra footage, however, garage conversions require careful planning and execution to be safe, legal and effective. 

Likewise, converting an unused loft into extra living space is a smart way to add new rooms and potentially increase your property’s future resale value. However, to maximise your return on either investing in a garage or loft conversion, it’s sensible to call in professional guidance. Consulting architects, interior designers and building professionals early on is a wise move and, for both projects, structural engineers will need to evaluate if reinforcements are needed to support a second floor or fit a new roof. 

Your architect can assess a garage or attic’s structure and dimensions to see if a conversion is viable as well as offer advice if you want a sustainable design to fit into your eco home. If so, they can draw up permitted plans to make the most out of the areas and work to your exact specifications. Skilled professionals can offer varied advice to help you:

  • evaluate the feasibility of a conversion based on its structure
  • maximise use of the available space with layouts that integrate storage, lights, plumbing and electrics.
  • handle up-to-date building regulations and ensure you meet insulation, fire safety, and ventilation
  • install proper wiring, plumbing and heating
  • source cost-effective materials.

With the right people on board you can design and transform your property to be structurally sound and legally compliant. This attention to detail can add value, help you attain the best rental return and boost your home’s overall value.


Update your bathroom 

Bathrooms are one of the most-used spaces in a home so it’s common for them to show wear and tear over time. But bathrooms also draw close scrutiny so renovations can really pay off when selling your home. Guidance from a professional can help maximise your bathroom investment by identifying the most impactful upgrades possible within your budget, from lighting and finishes to plumbing and layout changes.

Interior designers are great as they will ensure your new bathroom layout and ideas for fixtures/fittings are functional and accessible. Designers know the principles for creating a cohesive look in a home but they also understand cost-effective solutions for issues like ventilation, lighting and storage based on the room size and layout. Their contacts in your local area are also worth their weight in gold for accessing designer materials or fantastic paint mixes at trade prices.


Reconfigure a kitchen

Kitchen renovations are a top priority for homeowners seeking to increase their home’s value, and for good reason. An outdated, worn kitchen can deter potential buyers, while a fresh, modern kitchen is highly desirable. To maximise your return on investment in a great kitchen design involves more than new appliances and cabinets. Professional kitchen designers bring valuable expertise to ensure your renovation works for your home and fits your budget.

Designers keep up with the latest trends and features most sought-after by buyers, like smart storage, open layouts and high-end finishes. They ensure the new layout is viable, accessible and practical for you and your family. Good advice can also help you to avoid expensive mistakes and reduce the need to replace fittings or furniture in the near future.

For any property renovations, calling on the pros for their expertise can bring you valuable information, materials, inspiration and practical solutions. Perhaps just as valuable, a designer’s insight or a surveyor’s guidance will afford you peace of mind. Having the reassurance you need on any project can help you to keep the costs down and ensure the build process is smooth and stress-free. 



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