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This week, I have been mostly designing…  a rear extension!

As this is rather a common project on Design for Me, I thought I’d share some of my research.

The brief was quite simple. It involved extending the living room to create a dining area (the client’s current dining table is too small for a family of four and squashed into the kitchen). The clients were also keen to get direct access to the garden and more light into the room, as the existing window is rather small…

I suggested sliding folding doors (or bi-fold doors) so the whole rear wall of the new extension could be opened up to the garden in the summer. Here are some pictures for inspiration from our designers on Design for Me:

Rebecca, Architect on Design for Me


Matt, Architect on Design for Me

Rebecca, Architect on Design for Me




Tom, Architect on Design for Me


Rebecca, Architect on Design for Me


Reviews / research

There are many aluminium sliding folding doors / bi-fold on the market, so I did some research to find high quality systems that have positive feedback from others. I was also keen that the frame size was kept to a minimum to cause least obstruction to the view out to the garden when the doors are closed (which, let’s face it, would be most of the time in the UK).

I found this thread on Mumsnet very helpful to get some real reviews: 


In summary…

If you don’t want to read the whole thread, my summary was that I should be looking at the following, as recommended by others: Solarlux, Kloeber, Schuco, Sunfold and Sunflex. Please note that the supplier/installer may have a different company name, but its best to start with choosing the product THEN find a supplier in your local area.

I asked for quotations for a 2.4 x 2.4m opening, containing 3 doors, stacking internally. Your own specification will likely differ, so you should definitely get your own quotes for comparison before choosing between them.


Solarlux SL60e

sliding folding doors

  • Heat insulated glass gives a good U Value of Uw 1,10 W/m2K. The supplier said; “they are the best quality in the world and all the systems are made bespoke and are independently tested to hurricane wind force! Also for top U value heat retention”.
  • 130mm sightline
  • A UK based company, with suppliers throughout the UK. I was quoted £ 4,542+ VAT for supply, delivery and installation



Kloeber Aluminium Kustomfold

sliding folding doors

  • I contacted Kloeber directly, as they can supply and fit the doors. This is reassuring, as there is only one company that can be held responsible if anything goes wrong.
  • Frame sightline of 120mm
  • Their supply only quotation was £3654.46 +VAT, delivery and fitting costs were  £293.50 & £1142.61+VAT respectively.


Schuco ASS70

sliding folding doors

  • Schuco sliding folding doors. I contacted a supplier/installer in my local area and they quoted: £2,651.00 & survey and installation £450.00 + VAT
  • Frame sightline of 122mm


Sunflex SF55 / SF75

sliding doors

  • Sunflex sliding folding doors. Quotation from IDSystems £4,054.12+vat for supply and installation of SF55, or £4,731.01+VAT for the high insulated eco version (SF75)
  • Frame sightline of 114mm – the thinnest of all the above.

Sunfold had positive reviews on the Mumsnet forum too, but I’m still awaiting a quotation – I’ll add to this post when received.

Also please note that different suppliers quotes may differ for the same product so may not be definitive.

Hope that helps!!


See more inspiring images of how to use sliding / folding doors:

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