Interior architect

The title ‘interior architect’ is used frequently in the architecture/design industry, even though it isn’t a title that is officially recognised or regulated. It’s usually adopted by either:

  • a qualified architect who specialises or works only with the interior elements of construction, or
  • an interior designer who is also a qualified architect.

The title of ‘architect’ is protected by the regulating body (Architect’s Registration Board), so this would indicate that the professional is a qualified architect and has additional expertise and experience in interior design. The term ‘interior architecture’ may be used instead, which doesn’t necessarily indicate an architectural qualification. In all cases, you should ask your design professional about their qualifications, experience and expertise before appointment.


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Interior architect for a renovation

Renovation projects, where the work may be extensive but is contained to the interior, are perfectly suited to the skills of an interior architect.


Two roles in one

For a renovation project, an interior architect’s work would cover many of the services of both an architect and interior designer, negating the need to employ both separately.



Typical architect’s services for a residential project include (roughly in chronological order):

  • feasibility study to help plan for potential hurdles in the project
  • concept design
  • cost planning (or with the help of a quantity surveyor)
  • advice on statutory requirements and completion of applications such as planning and building control
  • preparation of detailed drawings, schedules and specifications for tender (builders’ quotations)
  • overseeing the tender process and helping you choose the right builder
  • administration of the contract with your builder
  • site visits and dealing with queries from your builder.

Read more in our detailed article on architect’s services.


Interior design

Typical interior designer’s services for a residential project include;

  • concept/mood boards
  • specification of decoration, finishes and furniture
  • layout plans showing position of furniture
  • sometimes production of 3D renders and visualisations for an additional fee
  • after the design work is completed, the option of handing over the above work for you to engage a builder and buy the furniture yourself, or
  • additional services to oversee the project on site, liaise with tradesmen and even purchase and install furniture on your behalf.

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For significant renovation projects, employing two separate individuals can be beneficial and we look at this is in our article Architect AND interior designer – do I need both?


How to find an interior architect for your renovation

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Select ‘architecture/architectural design’ as the discipline and describe that you are looking for an interior architect.

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