As part of a home extension or renovation project, it’s very common to replace or upgrade your windows. Rolling all home improvements into a single job can help reduce the overall cost and inconvenience to you and your family.

If your existing windows are in a poor state of repair, replacing them with new windows can have significant benefits including increasing a home’s value, health benefits, reducing the cost of utilities, and enhancing the functionality of your property.  If you’re unsure whether it’s worthwhile replacing some or all of your windows, here are some signs to look out for.


1. Visible damage

This could be cracks or mould growth. Cracks and gaps can obviously lead to significant draughts and are particularly common and problematic with sash windows in period properties. It’s a significant contributing factor to heat loss, making your heating system work much harder and therefore significantly increasing your energy bills. 

Mould is another significant, issue which affects the structural integrity of your windows and can also have health implications for a home’s occupants. 


2. Difficulty Opening And Closing

Windows are designed to be operated with ease. You should only need to apply a little effort when opening and closing them. 

You can consider some simple remedies for your windows, like greasing or lubrication. However, if the window frames are warped, it could be time to replace them. 


3. High Energy Bills

One of the main causes of high energy bills are inefficient, leaky windows. Replacing some or all of your windows with double or triple glazing can significantly enhance your home’s energy efficiency.


4. Decaying Frames

Another sign that it’s time to replace your windows is decaying or rotting frames. For metal windows, this may present in the form of rust, and for timber frames you will notice some rotting or crumbling which may spread very gradually.


5. Outside Noise

Replacing your existing windows with well-sealed, double or triple glazing can significantly improve insulation from outside noise. If you live in a busy urban environment, this can have huge benefits for your family’s sleep, health and wellbeing.


6. Move with the times

Like most aspects of home design, window design trends have evolved and improved over time. Many houses built or renovated in the last century have unappealing cheap, plastic frames that now look very dated compared to modern designs. 



Ask your architect

You can ask your architect to assess your existing windows. They can advise which could be repaired and which should be replaced as part of your wider renovation project. Here at Design for Me, we match you with the best home design expert for your project:


  • quickly see who’s interested in your job
  • create a shortlist
  • invite up to three for a no-obligation consultation


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