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What is Listed Building Consent? 

Listed building consent is s a form of planning regulation aimed at safeguarding structures with remarkable architectural or historical value. These protective measures complement the standard planning regulations in place. Moreover, listed building designation can trigger the need for planning permission in situations where it would not typically be mandated—such as constructing external enclosures, for instance.

These regulations encompass any proposals involving the demolition, modification, or expansion of a listed building that could potentially impact its identity as a structure of unique architectural or historical significance.


Image above by Matthew, architect who specialises in conservation from the Cotswolds, South West. Click here to see more and shortlist him for your home project.


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Do I need listed Building Consent for minor work?

For any proposed alterations, extensions, or demolitions involving a listed building, it is necessary to submit an application for listed building consent.


What happens if I don’t get Listed Building Consent?

Please do note that it is a criminal offence to carry out works that require listed building consent, without consent having been gained first. We recommend that you find an architect who has experience in architectural conservation.

How much does listed building consent cost?

There is no fee required for Listed Building Consent. However, you may also require planning permission and/or listed building consent, which do incur a fee.


How do I know what part of a building is listed?

  • The building itself
  • Any object or structure fixed to it
  • Any object or structure that has been within the curtilage of the building since 1948.


Can you apply for retrospective listed building consent?

While it is possible to apply for listed building consent after modifications to a listed structure have been executed, it’s important to recognise that the authorisation for such work only becomes effective from the exact date when the consent is officially granted. This implies that individuals engaging in activities like demolishing a listed building, or making alterations or extensions that impact its inherent character prior to obtaining consent, remain susceptible to legal prosecution.


What do you need for an application for listed building consent?

For a listed building consent application you will need:

  • a site plan
  • a location plan
  • a design and access statement
  • a heritage statement
  • drawings and details to allow the local authority to fully understand the proposal.


Find out the details of your listed building first

Before you start the design work and apply for listed building consent, you and your architect will need to understand why your property is listed, and which aspects of it will need to be protected. Your local authority will have the details and will deal with your listed building consent application if required.

The list of listed buildings is compiled and maintained by Historic England. Search the Historic England database. This also contains information on individual properties, and what aspects of them should be preserved and protected.


Get professional advice

The above information is an introductory guide only. Please always consult your authority before starting work on your project. Your architect can do this on your behalf if you wish.

Choosing the right architect, with expertise in building conservation is a critical first step. We can help you find the right architect for your project for free.


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