Bathroom cost

As a general starting point a basic bathroom renovation cost upwards of £5,000+VAT. This is a starting cost for modest re-decoration, finishes and sanitary ware, and retaining the existing plumbing and electrics. There are are a few considerations outlined below that will increase this cost, such as the condition of the existing bathroom, whether you need to change the layout and if there are some items that could be retained.


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How much does a new bathroom cost?

The initial £5,000 + VAT figure provided above serves as a starting point for a basic renovation, assuming that the layout remains the same and new fittings and decoration are modest or basic.

While it’s not easy to provide an exact figure for a new bathroom, we can offer a rough estimate based on average costs. Please note that these figures are indicative and can vary significantly depending on your location and specific requirements:

  1. Basic bathroom renovation: For a small to medium-sized bathroom, a basic renovation can cost between £5,000 and £15,000 + VAT. This typically involves replacing fixtures, updating lighting, repainting, and installing new flooring.
  2. Mid-range bathroom renovation: A more comprehensive renovation, including replacing fixtures, upgrading plumbing and electrical systems, installing new tiles, and adding custom cabinetry, may cost between £10,000 and £30,000 + VAT.
  3. High-end luxury bathroom: For those seeking a luxurious spa-like bathroom with high-end materials, top-of-the-line fixtures, custom features, and intricate detailing, the cost can exceed £30,000 and go upwards depending on the level of customisation and desired features.


How much does it cost to add a new bathroom in an extension?

The costs of adding a new bathroom will be similar to a full bathroom renovation, where the room is stripped down to finishes and fittings. However, you need to consider the additional costs of constructing the walls and installing a door. To build a new bathroom from scratch into an existing space, including plumbing and electrics, you can expect the starting cost to be from £10,000 + VAT.


How much does it cost to add a new WC in an extension?

The costs of building a new WC as part of your extension will be lower compared to the cost of a full bathroom. The size of the room will likely be smaller, which saves on the cost of building walls. Additionally, you may be able to utilise existing walls or spaces such as under the stairs. However, you will still need to consider the cost of new plumbing and electrics. To build a new WC from scratch into an existing space, including plumbing and electrics, you can expect the starting cost to be from £7,000 + VAT.


Reducing costs in a bathroom renovation

Bathroom renovations often require various tradespeople, and the involvement of specialist trades can increase the overall cost. Here are some tips to help reduce costs:



Retaining the existing layout of your bathroom can minimise the plumbing work required. Keeping the WC in the same place is particularly important as relocating the soil pipe can be challenging and expensive.



If possible, retain the existing lighting and electrical installations to avoid the need for an electrician and reduce costs.



Minimise the area to be tiled to save on material and labor costs. Consider the type of tiles you specify as small tiles or mosaics can be more time-consuming and costly to install. Choosing porcelain over natural stone can keep material costs lower, although there may be additional installation costs for natural stone, which is heavier and thicker and may require a more robust substrate.



Off-the-shelf items are generally more cost-effective than fitted joinery.


Fixtures and Accessories

The cost of bathroom fixtures, such as sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs, and cabinets, can vary significantly based on their quality, brand, and style. Upgrading to energy-efficient fixtures or adding luxurious amenities like heated floors or a spa shower system will increase the overall expense.

If you’re seeking budget friendly bathroom furniture options, Royal Bathrooms could be an ideal place to start with since they offer a versatile range of furniture choices that are cost effective, too.


Get quotes

Obtaining multiple quotes and comparing prices can help you find the right balance between cost and quality, considering factors such as location, contractors’ experience level, and project complexity.


Can you keep elements of the existing bathroom?

If you’re renovating on a budget, consider retaining certain elements of your existing bathroom and giving them a new lease of life. Here are some ideas:

  • Replace only specific elements of the shower or bath that appear worn, such as tapware or shower fittings.
  • Repaint painted plasterboard walls instead of tiling them, which can be expensive.
  • Replace light fittings.
  • Add more storage cabinets or shelves with storage boxes to declutter.
  • Incorporate plants for added colour and a spa-like atmosphere.
  • Add feature elements such as pictures or a beautiful new mirror, which can make your bathroom appear bigger and brighter.


When considering a new bathroom, it’s crucial to determine your priorities, set a realistic budget, and work closely with professionals to ensure a successful renovation. By carefully considering the factors mentioned above and estimating costs based on your specific needs, you can embark on your bathroom project with confidence. Remember to conduct thorough research, obtain multiple quotes, and make informed decisions to achieve the bathroom of your dreams within your desired budget.


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