Architects fees for a ‘design and build’ project

You can expect an architect’s fees to be less on a ‘design and build’ project than a traditionally procured project.


The Fees Bureau (2022) found that average architects’ fees for a design and build private house project, varied between 5.8% – 10.1% depending on the construction cost (between £25k – £250k) and whether the project was new build or refurbishment.

For comparison, the fees for a traditional project varied between 7.6% – 11.7%.

  • The higher the construction cost, the lower the percentage fee will be.
  • Architects’ fees are generally lower for new builds than refurbishments (as a percentage of construction costs).

More detailed analytics and a fee calculator tool for architects are available from the Fees Bureau.


Is ‘design and build’ cheaper overall?

There are several advantages to design and build over the traditional route, but cost isn’t necessarily one of them. What you do get though is cost certainly from a much earlier stage in the process. See our article for the pros and cons of ‘design and build’ vs ‘traditional’.


Regional differences

Perhaps unsurprisingly, architects’ fees and their hourly rates vary across the country. You can expect architects fees to be around 20% higher in London, for example.


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