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Interior designers will have different ways of working when it comes to purchasing furniture for your project. For some it will be part of their business model to buy furniture on your behalf, while others will offer a ‘design only’ service. Others will be flexible, based on the size of your project, budget, and your wishes.

Interior design above by Jade Maria, interior designer from Bedfordshire. Click here to see more and shortlist them for your home project.

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Is it better for my interior designer to buy the furniture?

There are benefits of authorising your interior designer to buy furniture. Interior designers sometimes have trade discounts with furniture companies. These discounts can either be passed on to you or off-set against your interior designer’s design fees. However, in offering a supply service, the interior designer’s workload will be greater, so a balance will need to be found that is financially agreeable to you both.


A seamless service

Many clients also prefer for their interior designer to manage the supply and installation of the whole project for practical reasons. Your interior designer can plan and manage your furniture, taking into consideration lead times for different items. This is particularly important if you are working to a strict timeframe or deadline.


My interior designer is insisting on using their suppliers

If you have disagreements with your designer, the first thing to do is check the terms of your agreement. At the start of your project, your interior designer should explain how they operate and what you can expect at each stage of your job.


Make sure you use a contract

Leading on from the point above, having a contract which sets out your agreement with your interior designer is crucial. Not only will it avoid confusion about fees or responsibilities, it will also act as a basic reference if any disputes do occur.

The BIID (British Institute of Interior Designers) had produced a standard form that your interior designer can buy/download for a small fee.


Find your interior designer

We can help you find the right interior designer for your project for free. If you have a clear idea about whether you would like your interior designer to buy your furniture or not you can request this in your job post. If you’re not sure, that’s fine too – you can discuss this further with potential interior designers in person. 


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Find your perfect design pro within minutes…

Here at Design for Me we match you with the right design professional, from thousands all over the UK. Get quotes & arrange up to three no obligation consultations. And it’s all completely free! Find out more here or get started below…



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