In the UK, there has long been an assumption that interior design services are only for the super wealthy, who own large country piles or multi-million pound town houses. However, through websites like Design for Me, affordable interior design has become more accessible to the masses. It’s now much more common for interior design firms to offer a suite of interior design services to suit the budget and needs of all home renovators.

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Here at Design for Me, we’ve helped thousands of homeowners all over the UK to find the best architect or interior designer for their project.

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Below are some examples of typical interior design projects taken on by the interior designers on Design for Me. All the designers on Design for Me are independent and will provide a quote for interior design services that suit you personally, depending on your specific budget and needs.


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interior design services cost

Samantha, Interior designer in North London

interior design cost

Kate, Interior designer in Cheshire, NW 

interior design services edinburgh

Sam, Interior designer in Edinburgh

Interior design services

Ed, Interior designer in South London

bathroom interior design services

Stephen, Interior designer in East London

Interior design services london

Emily, Interior designer in NE London




A little professional input can go a long way

Some interior designers charge by an hourly rate but, more commonly, they are offering packages to suit different budgets and needs of homeowners. Even a few hours from an interior designer can make a huge difference – they can help drive you in the right direction, finding affordable yet super stylish solutions to suit your budget and taste.

Interior designers are often able to to access trade discounts. Alternatively, if you are planning on undertaking some of the work yourselves Building Supplies Online is a really good website offering trade prices to consumers. Definitely worth checking out for things like tiling, floor finishes, bathroom and kitchen fittings.


How much does an interior designer cost (as a %)?

Interior designers will usually put together a fee proposal for their services, based on the overall budget for your project. Your interior designer’s fee (and therefore input) should usually reflect your overall budget. So thinking of this as a percentage – typically around 10% – can be helpful. However, this figure will vary depending on your location as well as the interior designer’s experience and qualifications. We’ve put together some guidelines as to what you may reasonably  expect from your interior designer for packages that vary in terms of cost and their input.


Example fee packages: 

The essentials – £100-500 fee (e.g. for one room)

This would suit a total project budget up to £5,000.

This should be tailored to your specific needs and project but could include:

  • a consultation; to keep their fee down, they may suggest consultations between you take place on the phone/online
  • a furniture placement plan
  • a concept (or mood) board
  • a shopping list for you to make the purchases yourself
  • to keep their fee down, the designer might suggest they work remotely, with you providing the measurements of your room (or an estate agents plan)
  • the documents you are provided with are likely to be digital, rather than printed/presented in person.

Design only – £500-£2,000

This would suit a total project budget between £5,000 up to £20,000.

This should be tailored to your specific needs and project but could include:

  • consultation(s) in person
  • your room(s) measured and drawn in detail by your designer
  • a detailed furniture plan, including lighting / electrics
  • elevations and sketches of the final design concept
  • mood / concept board, including samples
  • detailed tender documents to get quotes from builders/decorators.

Design, supply and install – £2,000+

This would suit a total project budget over £20,000.

This should be tailored to your specific needs and project but could include:

  • all of the above plus:
  • project management of builders/decorators
  • purchasing on your behalf
  • 3D imagery (usually additional fee per visual)
  • a fully co-ordinated service with minimal input or effort required from you.


Here at Design for Me we can match you with the best interior designers for your project and arrange initial consultations for free. Use the form below to get started and we’ll be happy to help!

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Find your perfect design pro within minutes…

Here at Design for Me we match you with the right design professional, from thousands all over the UK. Get quotes & arrange up to three no obligation consultations. And it’s all completely free! Find out more here or get started below…



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