Bathroom design trends for the 2020s

Goodbye metro tiles, grey grout and geometric patterns? See you later monochrome and slick surfaces?

OK, we actually still love metro tiles and monochrome and there is still a place for them in the 2020s… but the touches below are guaranteed to move the modern industrial style into a new direction that transcends fads, making your bathroom a modern design classic for decades to come and it’s guaranteed to make you feel relaxed in your own little sanctuary!

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Texture, colour and warmth

In a move away from the cold, slick bathroom style, we predict a move towards something more warm and tranquil and with bags of charm. This may translate into other rooms of the house too, but being smaller or less inhabited than other living areas, the bathroom carries a strong statement.

Images below from frommoontomoon

Vintage boho bathroom

Industrial boho bathroom

bohemian industrial bathroom



1. Timber flooring

Warm underfoot (particularly if you opt for underfloor heating), timber flooring can bring elegance and comfort to your new bathroom. We particularly love modern, light Scandinavian oak boards for a more sleek look or reclaimed parquet for something a little more vintage-industrial. Engineered boards work better than solid timber, due to moisture present in bathrooms. Click the images to view the sources.


reclaimed parquet distressed bathroom flooring


distressed timber flooring bathroom

vintage scandi bathroom



2. Reclaimed clay / terracotta tiles

We love these hexagonal tiles; the geometry is already an established 2017 trend, but the fact that they are reclaimed and traditional gives your new bathroom a homely and timeless quality. They look amazing teamed with a simple, monochrome colour palette (bottom left), as they provide a tactile surface and warmth to the room that might otherwise feel a little stark. Click on the images to view to the source.


monochrome bathroom

reclaimed terracotta bathroom

reclaimed terracotta


3. Large statement mirrors and freestanding furniture

Bathroom design trends at the moment are all about turning your bathroom into a sanctuary; a place you’ll want to be in for longer than a couple of minutes. In fact, think of it more like a living space where you surround yourself with objects, colours and textures that make you feel calm, serene and ‘at home’! Put in beautiful pieces of furniture, pictures, mirrors or shelving that you love. Large mirrors will also make the space feel much more grand and spacious.


mid century furniture bathroom

loose bathroom furniture


4. Indoor gardening

This is all the rage with companies like Patch  (see their images below) to breathe life into your house. The well-known health benefits of being around plant life will contribute to your psychological well-being.


Bathroom plants

Green plants bathroom

5. Fabrics

Invest in bathmats and towels; they can make a huge difference to the look of your bathroom. We also love the use of rugs in the bathroom (make sure they’re washable if they’re going in a place where they’re likely to get wet and dirty). Think kilim, Afghan and Persian to bring sumptuous colour and texture to the room. Click on the images below to see their source.


modern vintage bathroom rug

bathroom rug


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