Vinyl flooring has had bad press in the past, dismissed out of hand as being too cheap and poor quality. OK, so there is a lot of cheap, poor quality vinyl around but if you look carefully there are some beautiful, stylish and practical examples out there too . Vinyl has a lot going for it, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms – it’s warm and soft underfoot, wipes clean, durable and can be super stylish too. We’ve rounded up some of the most stylish vinyl flooring options on the market.

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What is Luxury Vinyl Flooring?

Luxury Vinyl Flooring or Luxury Vinyl Tiles (LVF/LVT) are referred to in the industry as being of higher quality to traditional vinyl, using new technology to create a flooring system that can compete with the likes of engineered wood or ceramic tiles in terms of quality and durability stakes. It’s usually made up of a number of layers to provide a soft, cushioned feel, along with a film of photorealistic wood or ceramic (if that’s what you’re after) with a durable scratch resistant wear layer on top.


Coloured and patterned vinyl

My personal take on all materials and finishes used in a building project is that they shouldn’t pretend to be something they’re not. As close as wood or ceramic effect vinyl might look in pictures to the real thing, it won’t ever feel authentic. So, I say embrace vinyl for what it is and focus instead on the possibilities it provides; with its possibilities for rich colours and glorious patterns to either make a statement OR provide a neutral, calming backdrop for your other interior design finishes and flourishes.


Here are 10 of our favourites, stylish coloured and patterned vinyl:



Altra has some fantastic patterns in their stock designs, and they will actually manufacture anything, just from an image you provide. Here are some of our favourites of Altra’s pattern’s below all at £59.00/m2 found here.

art deco vinyl

nice vinyl

Stylish vinyl floor

stylish vinyl

geometric vinyl flooring

nice vinyl floor

funky vinyl

stylish vinyl flooring


Harvey Maria has some fantastic, tasteful vinyl floors.

I love the colours in their plain rubber flooring collection, and there’s something to be said for keeping it simple and stylish when it comes to vinyl (or rubber flooring in this case actually). These tiles are £55.00/m2 found here.

plain high quality vinyl

plain vinyl tiles


Harvey Maria’s plain coloured vinyl range comes in a tile format, with bolder brighter colours, at £39.95/m2 – available here.

blue vinyl tiles


plain coloured vinyl tiles

plain cream vinyl

Neisha Crosland

Also stocked by, designer Neisha Crosland produces some very elegant geometric patterns in lovely muted colours, giving a floor that is interesting and bold but very tasteful. £44.80/m2 – available here

geometric vinyl tiles

geometric patterned vinyl

geometric vinyl floor

patterned vinyl

John Lewis

John Lewis supplies some gorgeous, superior quality patterned vinyl to rival the designs above at only £18/m2! Here are some of our favourites below:

cheap geometric vinyl

geometric patterned tiles

geometric luxury vinyl tiles


patterned vinyl tiles

cheap patterned vinyl

luxury vinyl tiles

The Colour Flooring Company

The Colour Flooring Company are brilliant if you’re looking for great quality vinyl in plain, beautiful colours. They produce them in both vinyl sheets at £29/m2 and rubber from £58/m2. I love that you can mix and match colours and the triangle tiles, produced in rubber (£68/m2), provide so many possibilities for creativity!


Plain vinyl flooring from The Colour Flooring Company:

navy blue vinyl

vinyl flooring

green vinyl floor

plain blue vinyl

plain light blue vinyl

grey vinyl flooring


Rubber triangle tiles from The Colour Flooring Company:

geometric patterned vinyl

geometric patterned tiles

Geometric vinyl floor

luxury vinyl tiles

geometric luxury vinyl tiles

Geometric vinyl tiles


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