Most people take their skirting boards for granted. But it is only when you rip them out or walk into a room that doesn’t have them that you notice they’re gone.

Skirting boards, like lighting and furniture, are an essential element of interior design. 

This post explores how skirting boards can enhance your rooms and uplift your spaces. Check out our ideas below. 


Use them as an accent

If a room still doesn’t quite feel right after a renovation, it could be because it lacks any kind of accent or defining feature. You want it to stand out and make an impression, but it feels a little flat when you walk in. 

One way to resolve this problem could be to use your skirting board as an accent feature. Instead of painting it a neutral colour to blend in with the rest of the room, you could make it a little more exotic, bringing out your rebellious streak. Purple, red and blue are all great colours for this. 

Likewise, you could also use your skirting boards to complement an existing interior theme. For instance, pastel green is a great option for rooms with a lot of plants.


Make your rooms look grander

The Georgians were big fans of skirting boards because they made their rooms look grander. But you don’t just have to look to the past: you can also get Georgian-style skirting boards in your home. Adding thick, tall boards with detailed designs can complement crown moulding and elaborate plasterwork designs around your fireplace. 


Frame Your Walls

Many modernist and brutalist interior designers do away with skirting boards. Unfortunately, the result is often rooms that feel clinical and unwelcoming. 

Part of the reason for this is how skirting boards frame walls. Without them, walls meet the floor without any connection or interface. Concrete meets masonry with nothing in between to bridge the gap. 

But with skirting boards, you get something that looks friendlier and feels complete. Rooms feel less clinical and more homely. 


Protect Your Walls

No matter how inventive, creative or original your interior design, it won’t look good if you have scuff marks and pet damage all along your walls. 

Skirting boards can help avoid wall damage, cracks and so on by providing a barrier between the lower part of the wall and things that could knock into it. 


Match your architraving

Lastly, skirting boards are essential if your rooms have architraving around the doors or windows. Finishing the architrave at the bottom of the door without connecting it to anything else feels a little awkward and makes rooms look incomplete. Skirting boards achieve a sense of balance and purpose in every interior space. 

Like the idea of installing good quality skirting boards in your home? If so, check out our collection and find the perfect product for your interior spaces.


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