A Party Wall surveyor typically costs around £1,000 +VAT for a simple extension project. On some projects, two or even three surveyors are needed – particularly on more complex home projects such as basement extensions. In this case, the costs could be up to £6,000.

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Who pays for the Party Wall Surveyor?

Whoever is undertaking the work pays for the Party Wall surveyor(s). If your neighbour does not accept using the same surveyor as you, you will need to pay the fees of your neighbour’s surveyor too. If a third surveyor needs to be involved, again, these fees will need to be covered by the person undertaking the work.


When would you need a third Party Wall Surveyor?

The need for a third Party Wall surveyor would arise if you and your neighbour have separate Party Wall surveyors and there is a disagreement between your respective surveyors. A third Party Wall surveyor would then be need to resolve the matter and the choice of the third surveyor would be agreed between the two original surveyors.


What is a Party Wall?

A Party Wall is a wall that separates you from your neighbour, usually between semi-detached houses or terraced houses. It also refers to garden walls built over the boundary line.


What is a Party Wall notice?

You will need to serve a Party Wall notice on your neighbour if you plan to carry out any work involving the Party Wall, or if you plan to excavate close to the Party Wall (within three or six metres, depending on the depth of the new foundations). For home projects, Party Wall awards are commonplace if you are doing the following work:

  • loft conversions/extensions
  • digging foundations for an extension
  • demolishing internal walls that require structural support from the Party Wall
  • inserting damp proof courses.


Do you need a Party Wall surveyor at all?

This article answers the question, ‘Do you need a Party Wall surveyor?‘ in full, but, in summary, it is possible to agree a Party Wall matter between you and your neighbour without needing a Party Wall surveyor.


When should I serve a Party Wall notice?

You have to give two months’ written notice on building works which affect a Party Wall or boundary, or one month’s notice for excavations.

Building work must start within a year.


Ask your architect

Your architect will have had a lot of experience in dealing with Party Wall issues – some may even be able to act as your Party Wall surveyor.

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