Except with the landlord’s permission, tenants may not make significant changes to the property or install new main fixtures. The lease terms and the landlord’s written consent are required for any modifications in a rental property.

You can approach the landlord about upgrades if you have a good relationship with them. Since most property owners prefer to keep their good renters, they are usually amenable to any changes that won’t put them at risk. 


How Can You Convince Your Landlord to Allow the Renovation?

There are several advantages to renovating your apartment, whether you are a renter or a homeowner. On the other hand, tenants may be subject to additional restrictions and will likely need landlord permission before making any changes. Get your landlord on board with your renovation plans by presenting the sensible reasons listed below.


Boost the property’s value

To persuade your landlord that renovating your property is a good idea, you should certainly mention that it will increase the value of the property.


Modernise the look

Whether you own or rent a property, you can make aesthetic changes to your living space. A rental property with a modern look will likely get more attention from potential renters, therefore benefitting your landlord.


Fix a safety issue

Any safety concerns must be immediately addressed. In residential leases, the landlord should agree to keep the property in adequate repair and follow all applicable health and safety regulations. Generally speaking, landlords are responsible for fixing safety issues. 

You may also opt for renters insurance for roommates if you are sharing the property with another person.


What renovations will your landlord allow?

While landlords might have different priorities, most will be looking to fill their units with quality occupants, maintain a high occupancy rate, and maximise their rental income. 


Improvements that help keep their building in a competitive market

To maximize profits, landlords should aim to keep their properties competitively priced. In this case, you might get lucky and receive investments in energy-efficient upgrades such as faster internet service, a new air conditioner, or both.


Simple and inexpensive cosmetic fixes

Landlords may execute many low-cost measures to keep their tenants satisfied. Things like installing new toilet seats are things you may be tempted to do yourself but shouldn’t have to.


Removable upgrades to rental properties

You are not entirely out of luck if your attempts to persuade your landlord are unsuccessful. The aesthetic value of your apartment can be increased in several ways that won’t compromise your security deposit.

Remove and replace lighting

Changing out the light and sink fixtures is simple with the help of a short YouTube instruction and may have a significant visual impact. The same is true for cabinet pulls in the kitchen. Please keep the originals of everything so you can easily make the necessary changes before you leave.

Upgrade your showerhead

Showerheads have come a long way since the invention of the shower, with modern models offering increased water pressure and temperature control and energy savings.

Strippable wallpapers

Removable wallpaper is another choice for sprucing up the walls of your flat. This is a great way to decorate without damaging your walls, and it’s also easy to take down after you leave.

Removable Flooring

Floating or peel-and-stick flooring can be customized to your preferences and can be thrown away without any hassle when the time comes to move away.

Install new shades

Cheap plastic blinds are standard in most rental properties, and they do a poor job of blocking light and adding style to the room. Take them down and store them somewhere safe so you may replace them with something more aesthetically pleasing.

If you and your roommate will be living in the renovated space, it’s important to consider a few factors first. During the process of a renovation, you and your roommate might decide to make a major purchase. 

Take a written or video inventory of your belongings before moving in with roommates to avoid arguments about who owns what. In this manner, the two of you can agree on the coverage of shared insurance in the event that your mutually owned big-ticket things are damaged or lost.


Can my landlord help with renovations?

To relieve the worry of spending money on a renovation without seeing any return, consider making a written agreement that states you will complete the renovation at the agreed-upon price. Next, your landlord will reduce your monthly rent payment by an amount necessary to offset the expense.

For instance, an update that costs £2,000 could earn you a £100-per-month rent reduction for twenty months from your landlord. As a result, you wouldn’t have to worry about rent hikes before you can recuperate the cost of renovations.



Many tenants avoid renovating their rented apartments because they do not want to risk violating their leases. However, there are ways to improve the aesthetic value of your flat, as mentioned in this article. Use this material to negotiate with your landlord and get your renovation project underway.

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