Building your own home

I’m assuming you’ve already thought long and hard about this decision: figured out how to fund it. Tick. Got full support from your spouse/family. Tick. Watched loads of Grand Designs. Tick.’re extremely excited and raring to go, and you should be.

One of the first things you’ll consider is finding a plot of land. This is a huge decision and has implications on the size, shape and style of building that would be suitable. For example, if you are planning a modern design in steel and glass, you should question how far the restrictions go in an area that has a strong traditional style, where stone and slate are predominantly used. You’ll need to be sensitive to what’s around you; an important consideration if you want to get planning permission.


So before signing on the dotted line…

It’s critical to have a good idea about how you would develop the site. I’d recommend getting a local architect to come with you for early site visits to help you see the potential or restrictions. A local architect should also have good knowledge of the planning system in that area – what might be acceptable, and importantly what won’t be. This could save you a huge amount of time, money and disappointment later on. Many architects would be more than happy to assist you, with the prospect of undertaking the project down the line.


Talking of Grand Designs

Kevin Mc Cloud champions the Self Build Portal – a really useful website that has lots of tips and information about building your own home, including advice on the cost of building a new home, and a search facility to find a building plot:

“The Self Build Portal’s ‘Need-a-Plot’ tool will enable thousands of people to see a ‘Need-a-Plot noticeboard’ placed by you, in any area that you desire. It’s also a great way of people teaming up to buy larger sites that can be split into individual plots. It’s free – so give it a go!”

(From the Self Build Portal)


Finding the right architect

The key to a successful self-build is good research and planning and it’s wise to get your architect involved as early as possible to help with this. Choosing the right architect for your self-build is a critical first step,  but we know that finding the right one can be a bit of a minefield. This is exactly why I set up this website in the first place! Register your project below and we’ll help you to find the right person for your project in no time…


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