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If you want to redecorate this year and make your home more inspiring – more you – here are some simple tips to help. 


1. Add an entertainment wall 

Entertainment walls are a popular feature of many living rooms and are a fierce competitor of the classic feature fireplace as the key focus. 

It may well suit you to decorate your entertainment wall according to the main stylistic theme running through your home. For example, if you aiming to create very modern spaces, your entertainment wall should also have a sleek and minimalist design. 

Mount your TV on the wall to make the space less cluttered. Alternatively, you can buy a statement piece of furniture to stand your TV on and hide away all the boxes and cables. You can buy tv units online in various colours, sizes and styles. 


2. Use soft furnishings and fabrics 

The easiest and fastest way to enhance a room’s appearance without undergoing expensive and permanent alterations is to replace some furniture, add a carpet or rug, or change the curtains. In interior design, fabrics are crucial to establish an interior design style and ambience.

Whether you favour lavish, traditional or minimalist design, materials have several technical qualities which can enhance the well-being of your home. 


3. Use natural materials in your kitchen

It’s not surprising that many homeowners will seek walnut and oak kitchen cupboards in recent years.

 Many interior decorators have recently been devoted to bringing nature indoors and in 2023, this craze is expected to continue. Worktops made of natural stone, environmentally friendly and organic elements, wood cabinets and shelving, and metal embellishments are probably to remain popular kitchen design trends.

Dark wood stains are also becoming more popular once again, especially in kitchens. Many people now seek larger, more enticing kitchens after a long trend for stark white spaces. These deeper coloured woods provide contrast to lighter areas while adding character and warmth.

Various cupboard designs can be employed in contemporary homes with painted cabinets or in transitional settings with natural wood finishes. The cupboard design acts as a focal point in the middle of the house and brings coziness, depth, and curiosity to the kitchen.


4. Install at least one mirror in each room

A mirror can be a great decoration is that it can give an illusion of a bigger room. It can also help enhance a room’s appeal and boost interior natural lighting. 


5. Add indoor plants 

This decoration idea isn’t only trending this year but was also one of the most significant home decor trends in the past few years. That’s because adding an indoor plant as your home decoration can provide you with a lot of benefits. 

An indoor plant can make you feel closer to nature, even in the middle of the city. Moreover, having indoor plants in your home can also provide several health benefits, like reducing stress and supporting your cognitive health. 



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