AC Filter

Air filters are an essential component of the HVAC system because they keep the air free of contaminants. Whether you use a standard or custom AC filter, it needs to be fitted properly to be effective. Here’s what to expect if you put your AC filter in wrong.


Decrease In Indoor Air Quality

Air filters remove impurities from the air, but when installed incorrectly, the contaminants will not get trapped in the filter and remain in the air. Placing the filter the wrong way will also cause it to clog, which means the indoor air quality will be reduced. The contaminants in the air can be harmful, especially to those who are sensitive to air quality – such as individuals with allergies or respiratory conditions.


Increase in Electricity Consumption

One common problem with a poorly fitted air filter is that it can reduce airflow through the AC. This means the HVAC system requires more energy to push air through the filter. This will lead to an increase in electricity consumption. Air filters typically have instructions for how they should be installed. If they are not installed as designed, the system will consume more energy to compensate for the lack of airflow.


Unusual Noise from the AC

A properly functioning HVAC unit should not create any unusual noises. However, if there is an issue with one of its components, you may be able to hear something odd. For example, if the filter is placed in the wrong direction, the lack of airflow and the extra force the system takes to push air through it can cause the unit to start making a vibrating or buzzing sound. You can simply remove the filter and place it in the correct direction to fix this issue.

Ignoring unusual sounds coming from the AC can turn minor issues into something more serious that could need costly repairs.


Poor Cooling

An air filter has multiple layers of mesh that increase in density towards the downstream side to make filtration more effective, which is why air filters are designed to fit in a specific direction. If the filter is placed in the wrong direction, the finer pores on the other side of the filter will make it difficult for air to pass through the system. When that happens, there will also be a decrease in the cooling performance of the AC.


Damage to AC Components

If you insert your AC filter incorrectly, it can damage other AC components. For example, an incorrectly installed air filter can let contaminants into the system, causing a layer of dust to settle on the evaporator coils. When that happens, the evaporator coils could freeze. The contaminants can also reach the blower fan and motor, affecting their efficiency and performance. The blower fan and motor would have to work harder, leading to burnout.


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