We surveyed our community of architects from all over the UK on project costs for a ‘typical’ 10m² kitchen. We also asked for the expected costs of other consultants who may be involved, including a structural engineer.


The responses we collected from architects all over the UK found that the expected cost of a structural engineer is between £700-£3000 for a kitchen extension. The most common answer was £1,500.


Kitchen extension pictured above by Gareth, architect from North London. See his full Design for Me profile and shortlist him for your home project here.

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What are these figures based on?


A ‘typical’10m² kitchen extension

Alongside this research into architect’s fees, we also asked our UK-wide community of architects for their experience of extension costs. You can read our full article on this here: How Much does a Kitchen Extension Cost?


Do I even need a structural engineer?

Whereas an architect will usually provide the primary set of drawings for pricing and construction, a structural engineer’s drawings will compliment and add a layer of information to this package. Structural engineers are typically required for the following projects, but as a general rule they will be needed whenever structural changes to the house are proposed. For example:

In some situations it might not be necessary to engage an architect as well as a structural engineer. You can read our article on this subject here: Do I need an architect or a structural engineer?


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