We surveyed our community of architects from all over the UK to answer this question: ‘How much does an architect cost for an extension?’ Obviously the answer needs some contextualisation and so we based it on one of the most common projects on Design for Me – a kitchen extension.


The responses we collected from architects all over the UK showed that an architect’s fees for a ‘typical’ 10m² kitchen extension would be between £3,000 – £4,500. In London/SE, this average would be £5,500 – £8,250. This represents around 10-15% of the construction cost.


Kitchen extension pictured above by Ana, architect from Richmond upon Thames, London. See her full Design for Me profile and shortlist her for your home project here.

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What are these figures based on?


A ‘typical’10m² kitchen extension

Alongside this research into architect’s fees, we also asked our UK-wide community of architects for their experience of extension costs. You can read our full article on this here: How Much does a Kitchen Extension Cost?


Providing ‘full architect’s services’

This means that the architect will be working on the project from the early concept stage and then all the way through to completion. This would involve helping with the tender process (quotations and selection of a builder) and making site inspections, administering your contract with the builder and trouble-shooting during the build.


Is there a way to reduce the architect’s fee?

If it’s a small, uncomplicated project (which a small kitchen extension might be), you could consider employing an architect for a portion of the project. Most architects will split their fee proposal into sections. The breakdown and percentage for the architect’s fee allocation is typically something like this:

  • Outline design – 35%
  • Detailed design for tender – 35%
  • Construction phase – 30%

When meeting your architect for the first time, you can discuss where their input will be most valuable for your project. It’s quite common for your architect to undertake the outline design stage only (including planning if required) and then you will engage a contractor to deliver the project (sometimes with the assistance from their own/in-house architect).


Do I even need an architect?

We’ve written a detailed article on this subject to help you decide: Do I need an architect for an extension?


Or do you need a different design professional all together?

Check out these short guides to help you make your mind up:

Do I need an architect or an interior designer?

Do I need an architect or a structural engineer?

What’s the difference between an architect and an architectural designer or technologist?


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