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Renovation is both exciting and challenging. This home improvement process involves a lot of moving parts. There are many logistics to consider if you want to keep everything under control. 

Whether you’re converting a part of your home or doing a major overhaul, part of the logistics is knowing where you’ll keep all your furniture in the meantime. After all, the best way to help your contractor get the job done right is by getting furniture out of the way. 

This means you’ll need temporary storage solutions to ensure your furniture stays protected and ready for use once everything is done.

There are several ways to store your furniture, some more efficient than others. Find which one suits your needs best with this quick breakdown:


Use a self-storage unit

For big renovation projects, self-storage will come in handy, especially if you have large pieces of furniture. This furniture storage option works well if accessibility isn’t an issue.

When looking for a self-storage, you must first know how deposits and leases work. Then, do a walk-through and ensure that the facility doesn’t have issues with moisture or rodents. In case you can’t transport your pieces of furniture to the self-storage facility, consider having the company pick it up and store it on your behalf. This way, you can rest assured that your furniture stays safe throughout the renovation process. 


Use another room in the house

This is a great idea for people with big spaces or enough room to spare. Start by checking which part of your house has a lot of empty space. It should be well-ventilated, clean, and safe from infestations. 

If you’re worried about giving up that much space, just remember that it’s a temporary solution. You can get it back once the project is over.

However, keep in mind that big renovation projects occasionally run off schedule. So, pick a space you won’t need anytime soon. 

If you’re tempted to use an essential room in your home, such as the kitchen, keep in mind that it’s impractical to take up large chunks of space at once. At least make sure there’s enough room to move around safely while moving your furniture


Ask a friend or family member with an unused room

Getting help from friends and family is also a great way to find storage. 

Ask them if they have an unused room in their home. If one is available, you can then ask if you can use it for temporary storage. 

Remember to be considerate; they may be planning to use it sometime or have concerns about having other stuff in there. If they agree, make sure to comply with any arrangements they set. Furthermore, you should ask them how long they’re willing to hold your furniture for you. 


Utilize your garage

Does your house have a large garage? It may be what you need during a home remodeling. 

All the extra space can provide a secure place for storing your furniture. However, most garages also have problems with moisture, temperature regulation, and pests. So, it’s important to take some precautions before using them as storage. 

First off, you should lay down a thick plastic sheet to act as a barrier and prevent moisture from collecting on your furniture. Next, find a way to raise them off the floor. Get creative and use pallets or cider blocks to keep them elevated. 

Then, cover your furniture using old sheets, blankets, or plastic wraps to shield them from dust and moisture. But if you’re using the latter, please avoid thick covers as they can seal moisture instead. This creates condensation, which can lead to the material in your furniture bloating and getting damaged. 


Lease a portable container

A portable container is another popular option for storage. 

When getting a portable container, look for the best fit for your furniture needs. Check if the storage company offers sizes that can take in all of the pieces you need to store. Its cost and delivery options should also be within reach. 

Finding the ideal portable container company lets you maintain flexibility and convenience. For extra security, invest in a heavy-duty lock for your container, as most companies don’t provide them.


The bottom line

Renovation easily gets messy. If you’re not careful, you might ruin exposed furniture. So, it’s best to protect them by storing them safely. This way, you can put everything out once your project is done without a fuss. Explore your options and find the one that best suits your needs.

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