Here at Design for Me, we match homeowners with the best interior designers for home renovations. When it comes to internal alterations, some interior designers will be more suitable than others.

Where many interior designers will focus on finishes, furniture and fittings only. Others will have training and experience in interior architecture i.e. room layout planning, removing walls etc. We’ve rounded up some of the best interior designers who specialise in interior architecture.


Architect or Interior Designer?

You might be wondering, do I need an architect or interior designer? In summary, you could break it down in the following way:

Outer shell of the building / external walls: Architect / architectural technician or technologist

Interior finishes, furniture or fabrics: Interior designer

Interior architecture – which represents a very broad range – could be done by either architects or interior designers, but it will ultimately come down to their individual expertise and experience.


Here’s just a small selection of some of the best interior designers for home renovations in the UK. To find the best matches for you, register your project with Design for Me (it’s completely free) :

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1. Heidi
Interior designer – Lake District

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An Interior Architect based in the heart of the Lake District, providing design and project management services for homeowners, landlords and commercial clients. Delivering considered interior projects and space planning solutions where understanding and collaborating with the client and the end-user is always in focus. With an approach that is tailored for each project, I can help with projects of any size – whether it’s designing one room or remodelling your whole house from the inside and out, including new extensions and improvements to the exterior. With 15 years of experience in the UK and Norway, I aim to create unique, custom-made spaces where every detail is important – helping you take a project from the initial idea right through to completion.


2. Oana 
Interior designer – Ealing, West London W4

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Oana works both as an Architect and Interior Designer and seamlessly blends both disciplines in her approach. She is both member of the RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) and BIID (British Institute of Interior Design). She is happy to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

Oana is the driving force behind a boutique London practice, focusing on interior architecture and offering a rare blend of practical, hands-on experience and design flair – where ordinary places are turned into amazing spaces. This applies equally to small and large scale projects and refurbishments, whatever your budget. Her design philosophy and way of approaching interior architecture puts the client’s dreams and aspirations at the heart of the project. Over the years she has built an extensive portfolio of residential and commercial work following projects from concept stages to completion.


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3. Tanya
Interior designer – Richmond upon Thames TW11

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We offer a unique combination of Interior Design and Architectural services. I have worked on cutting edge commercial projects in the hospitality and retail sectors. Since setting up my company 20 years ago I have completed more than 100 residential projects in Greater London. I have a first class Interior Design degree and I am RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) part 2 qualified.



4. Jenya
Interior designer – London

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I’m an interior architect. I run a studio and I’ve been working as an interior designer for 12 years. 
 We create comfortable interiors taking into account the uniqueness of each client.
 We work with developers, commercial projects in the retail sector and private clients (and their apartments and houses).
 We provide services from furnishing and decorating of the already finished interiors/spaces to the complete development and implementation of a full renovation (including drawings, 3D, virtual reality tours, site supervision, furnishing procurement and installation and decorating)



5. Maria
Interior designer – East Sussex

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Hi there! I’m Maria, an interior architect based in East Sussex. I love what I do, from meeting new clients, establishing the brief, finding solutions, being on a building site, meeting trades, even negotiating my way through a challenge. I’ve always said a good designer is a primarily a problem solver and after 16 years of being a designer that is something I have come to do very well. During this time I have worked on projects ranging from large scale residential re designs to individual room designs.

My design journey all those years ago started with bathroom and kitchen design. However these days most projects I take on are more than one room, as one room typically speaks to another so I feel it important to see that area as a whole. My interest isn’t just to create a pretty space but an organised, cohesive home that is balanced and calm. My focus is never on a particular style, I let you, the end user dictate that, my general approach is to create a timeless space that evokes warmth and comfort through great craftsmanship, well curated furnishings and art work that compliment the space.




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