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Architects’ fees calculator

As a basic rule of thumb for private residential projects, a residential architect typically charges between 10-12% of the construction cost for full architectural services. Use our architect cost calculator below to estimate how much your architect may cost. We have also developed an extension cost calculator, which you can use here.




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The architect’s fee calculator above is based on recent research and surveys of architects on Design for Me. The fees are calculated as a percentage of construction costs.


Project types

The type of project has an impact on the amount of time your architect will need to dedicate to your project, and therefore their fee. In our architect cost calculator, we have applied the following percentage fees to these project types.

  • New build – 10% of construction cost
  • Conversion – 12% of construction cost
  • Extension / Renovation – 11% of construction cost
  • Loft Conversion – 11% of construction cost



You may decide that you don’t require ‘full services’ from your architect.

You may also be interested to know how much the fees will be up to planning permission, for example.

The following breakdown is based on data found by the architects fees bureau and applied in our architect cost calculator above. The stages are based on the RIBA plan of work.

  • Preparation and brief (feasibility study) – 4%
  • Concept design – 17%
  • Developed design (planning application) – 21%
  • Technical design (drawings for pricing / construction) – 29%
  • Construction and Handover – 29%


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Why are architects’ fees not standardised?

Architects’ fees for a home project vary depending on the type and scale of the job. There are no official standards or guidelines for architects’ fees so it’s between the client and the architect to negotiate the fee, often dependent on the following:

  • extent of the architect’s services
  • size of project
  • complexity of project & specific project requirements
  • extent of works to existing buildings
  • repair and conservation of historic buildings
  • degree of design repetition
  • type of practice, e.g. a small office or freelancer may have fewer overheads
  • experience and expertise of the architect or firm. The adage ‘you get what you pay for’ often rings true!


Do I need an architect at all?

We’ve written a detailed article on this subject to help you decide: Do I need an architect for an extension?


Or do you need a different design professional all together?

Check out these short guides to help you make your mind up:

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