Best sofa bed reviews 2020

Urgh I HATE sofa beds! They’re ugly, squeaky, lumpy, the mattress is too thin, you end up wedged in the middle with your bed fellow. Then to top it all, you go and lose your glasses down the side. Not only are they uncomfortable to sleep on, they’re uncomfortable as a sofa too. Ok, this was my opinion (and it does still hold true for many) but I wasn’t prepared to accept this as fact. It’s 2020 for goodness sake! Surely someone has solved the design problem that is the sofa bed? Determined to find a new sofa bed for our home office/guest bedroom, I started my (slightly obsessive) search to find the most comfortable sofa bed of 2020 that is both gorgeous to look at AND super comfortable.

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First things first – a great pillow

In my opinion a really good pillow makes or breaks a good night’s sleep more than anything else. I recently got one of these memory foam pillows and I’m going to get one for our guest room too. There are lots of these memory foam mattress companies out there but Leesa seemed to be very good value, a smaller business AND donates every one in ten of their mattresses to charity: (includes a 100 night trial – you can return it for a full refund if you don’t like it).


1. Comfortable corner sofa bed with storage

Brock from MADE.COM


I’m slightly obsessed with generally when it comes to beautiful homewares that aren’t too pricey, and I recently stayed at a friend’s house who had the Brock as her main living room sofa. What I love about it is that when it’s transformed into a bed, there is a proper solid base beneath you. It’s spacious too – ample for two people – AND it’s really comfy as a sofa too. It’s also a bit of a bargain. Theres also a corner version – pictured below.



best corner sofabed

comfortable sofa bed



2.  A simple, comfy sofa bed on a budget

Kip from John Lewis

If space is tight, but you want to be able to sleep two guests comfortably, this very neat little John Lewis number ticks all the boxes. The Kip sofa bed comes in lots of lovely colours and fabrics and the thick mattress/sofa padding makes it a very comfortable sofa bed.



best compact double sofa bed

small comfortable double sofa bed



3. Danish designed sofa bed

Innovation Living cube sofa bed from John Lewis


This sofa bed from John Lewis is very stylish indeed. It is from a Danish company – and it’s pretty well known that the Danes are pretty excellent at design in both aesthetic and functional terms. It’s definitely got a mid-century vibe going on. The best thing was that most of your body is on the wooden frame so you feel well supported, and I doubt there would be the rolling-into-the-middle problem either. I really like that is has a memory foam mattress to support the contours of your body. Finally, it’s so compact at less than 1.5 metres wide so very easy to accommodate in your home.





4. Best sofa bed as your main sofa

Duke sofa bed by Maisons du Monde


I love this sofa by Maisons du Monde. It’s rare to find a sofa bed that looks as stylish as this one that would have no problem taking centre stage in your living room. As a sofa bed, I like that you have a solid base beneath you rather than a metal frame, so instantly feels more ‘solid’ and no squeaks!! If you want to test it out, Maisons du Monde have a good returns policy – if you’re not happy within 14 days, they will collect it and give you a full refund. Finally the price is very reasonable too.






5. Best trundle

Jimi trundle by La Redoute


What’s a trundle I hear you ask? Well it’s a bed WITHIN a bed! This kind of sofa bed is very flexible – accommodating two people on different bases, so they don’t have to be close! This one below is listed as a children’s bed but actually it’s the same size as a normal single bed, although the trundle underneath is a little smaller. But it is perfect for a kid’s room; just pull out that trundle when one of their little pals comes for a sleepover. It also has a proper slatted bed base and mattress, so it scores high on the comfort stakes. I also love the simple, scandi design that won’t take up much space. It comes in grey and white pictured below.



kid's comfortable sofa bed


scandi toddler bed

6. Best sofa bed on a budget (that looks way more expensive!)

Haru velvet sofa bed by


Wow I love these colours – particularly the burnt orange and antique rose (pictured below) and the fabric is beautiful. The padding might feel a little firm but it’s supported on 6 sturdy legs when laid out in bed-mode. It comes in three different sizes. It might not be the most comfy as a sofa, but perfect for a spare room or study where you want something functional and super pretty to look at.

£329 (2 seater version)



The most comfortable sofa bed?

Actually, all the above are brilliant in their own way, so it will come down to your particular space requirements and taste. Personally, the Brock fitted the bill for us and it’s working out a treat so far. Thank goodness your guests will never feel like poor old Joey here ever again…



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